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Zenyx is a cloud and mobile solution that powers work for critical enterprise teams.

Improve team efficiency and eliminate work failure.

Sick of juggling multiple tools – email, document systems, messaging apps, useless project management tools?

Ready to respond to the challenges of distributed teams and the complexities of deep, critical work?

Worried about the loss of documents, unauthorized access, and struggling to meet stringent compliance requirements?



Smart Workrooms

A complete workroom solution – A single place for your shared team work, for all your teams (including members outside your company).  All messaging, private chat, all documents and all tasks in one place.

Remarkable user adoption – that means engaged teams that focus on work, not on tools.

A smarter way to work – Zenyx out-thinks and predicts failure, aligns goals, and builds trust with built in success milestones and metrics.

Built for compliance – Multi-layer security, permissioning and accountability.

Searchable –  Advanced document system with rich search and editing capabilities – never lose content again!


We built Zenyx with a belief and a purpose.

Each of us is spending too much of our valuable time and energy on frustrating “busy work” – and too little on the real work we are meant to do – the work that makes a difference.

We believe there is a better way.

Zenyx Smart Workrooms are particularly well-suited to financial services, corporate merger and acquisition, business integration, financial reporting, regulatory filings, legal negotiations, contract management, purchasing, procurement, and professional services engagements.


Success Management

Zenyx proactively identifies points of failure and does something about it. Workrooms make it easier to work together and productivity goes up. Zenyx gives you project, task and messaging with real-time insights on which teams are performing well. Which team has the biggest impact. How your staff feels about your company today. Which tasks need a little TLC to avoid slipping. Where workers tend to work in silos and how to break them down.





Add people, messages, documents, tasks and notes to a workroom and you’ve got a single place to get work done with few distractions.
• Always know what’s going on with automated, team-based workflow
• Easily delegate or split up tasks
• Secure messaging with a whole team or just one person
• Create and share notes within your teams
• Full content search lets you find what you need with exceptionally fast retrieval powered by our unique algorithms
• Files can be edited in the browser, which saves time, or downloaded with automatic version control


User Friendly

No tool is effective unless people use it. Teams actually use Zenyx because it works the way they already work, and gives them everything they need to get everyday work done in one place, with few distractions. They’ll find it’s easier to use it, than to work without it! Zenyx is fully mobile on iOS and Android. Teams get secure messaging, status updates, and quick view of documents so they can work anytime, anywhere, on any device.



Security and Accountability


Built upon the premise of highest level of security and compliance anywhere. Work risk management with robust enterprise-grade security lets you set individualized access controls so you can outrun a file that “grow legs”. Files may have legs but we make sure you can outrun them. Only with Zenyx can you easily see all user and document activity and history details on-demand. Run audits on users and system metrics. Secure against breaches or hacks. Get compliance alerts for unusual behavior such as unauthorized file downloads, or activity outside a person’s usual work habit. Quickly, include people outside your company with secure, audited access.


Johnson Controls



Risk-Intelligent work management,

for Fintech

and complex enterprise work.



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Advisors and Investors


Mark Waxman

Advisory CMO
High­-energy marketing communications and social media leader


Janaki Kumar

VP, Head of Design and Co­-Innovation Center, SAP Labs
Passionate about delivering innovation with customer experience design


Ken Goldman

CFO, Yahoo


Jay Parekh

Board Director
Former Oracle CSO & VP Enterprise Architecture, now Executive Advisor & Consultant- AI, Autonomic Computing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Freddy Walla

Investor and Board Member


Bharat Shah

Former Microsoft Azure VP, now VP Security at Microsoft


Frank Fanzilli

Former Credit Suisse MD & Global CIO, now Corporate Director and Advisor to public and private companies

David Shvarts

David Shvarts

Investor & Advisor
Voice/video functionality for Zenyx. Risk Intelligence based on real-time voice analytics


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